Wedding photography fun

So i'm driving up the M42 towards Burton on Trent, the weather is not good, probably the wettest day of the year to date and i have a wedding to cover. I've not covered a wedding for some time but this is for a family friend. The nerves kicked in before the first shutter click but once the first image was captured it was a rollercoaster ride and the day was as busy as i remember them being only a few years back. Its always a challange doing wedding photography especially when its raining but the gods were looking down on us. The ceremony over and the rain stops, sun arrives and its not too chilly outside anymore. The bride & groom are lovely and responsive and naturals when it comes to ignorong the cameras and just enjoying their day together. I really couldnt have asked for more out of a wedding, seeing two people enjoying a very special day in their lives, with guests who were more than happy to pose for the cameras and a wonderful setting at The Pavillion, Branston.

Many thanks to Kelly & Andy for letting me share in their wedding day celebrations.

Best wishes


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