I have been behind the camera for over 40 years, having spent time working with 35mm film cameras and 6 x 6 medium format cameras in both an amateur and professional capacity. I have used both APSC and Full-frame cameras from Nikon & Canon. I have recently moved to the more portable mirrorless system of Olympus. The image quality is superb and the Pro lenses are incredibly sharp.

I still enjoy the challenge of aiming to get that perfect picture that stands out from the crowd. There is a true feeling of fulfillment knowing that what you saw and imagined was captured in a moment of time for ever.


Digital photography brings with it an array of opportunities to be even more creative through filters and software enhancements. I pick and choose my images for enhancements as I believe not every image needs to portray such a dramatic appearance.


My digital art is for sale via a download link for both private and commercial use. I also sell my images printed on garments, cups,, unframed and framed prints, along with canvas prints and acrylic blocks to enhance the wall space in your home or office.

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For almost 20 years I was a professional wedding photographer, being privileged to capture over 500 happy couples on their wedding day. In 2018 I retired from wedding photography and took a different approach to my imaging and started to create digital art for myself and then progressed into the online sales arena. As 2019 approached SkyLens Media was born out of my need to constantly stay at the forefront of modern imaging techniques. I am currently using DJI drones (Mavic Air & Phantom) and hope to increase my presence in the online sales of my digital art platforms.


Aerial photography gives an all-new perspective on what can be presented to a vast array of viewers like it has never been done or seen before. Drones can take you places you’ve never been or provide a new perspective on those you already love, a perspective that couldn’t be achieved even from a private charter plane or helicopter tour. My mission is to provide the best aerial photography possible. 


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